My Aunt Mary Frances was never suppose to read or write. The doctors told my grandparents to put her in an institution as she would only be a burden.

The children started coming along on a regular basis like the stories in the Bible: Matthew, Mark, Luke, Elizabeth, Ester and Ruth. I learned how to sew clothes, grow vegetables, and stretch the grocery budget with a lot of rice, pasta, and bread. Money was always tight, especially at Christmas time.

One year, I was so excited to get a part-time job at the mall wrapping gifts. What a great job! I loved choosing the perfect size boxes, color coordinating the foil paper and ribbons and creating a work of art. Customers always seemed to be in good holiday spirits…

Happy was barely twenty pounds and bald when I shelled out a crisp ten dollar bill to the Clark County shelter in rural America. They found him wandering the streets. He had been eating out of garbage cans and living under an old shed. They shaved him down to his skin in order to remove the matted fur and treat him for fleas.

One of my girlfriends had just paid eight hundred dollars for a five pound foo-foo dog. My orphaned, homeless dog was a bargain at fifty cents a pound.

His first night in my apartment, he put his…

Wealth, cash flow and Ben and Jerry’s are all good things but, when the bridges or the banks crumble will you have access to an ATM or Starbucks? How prepared are you and your loved ones should we experience a natural disaster or financial crisis?

Just as a squirrel must make a nest and collect acorns for winter’s food; men and women must also prepare a home for shelter, food for nourishment, warmth against the freezing temperatures, and of course the inevitable onset of old age. The squirrel who does not prepare will perish.

If a man or woman squanders…

I had been alone in my prepping beliefs for a very long time, but when was introduced by the US Government to educate and empower Americans to be prepared during an emergency; I held my head a little higher. A wood stove, a garden, and being prepared for a Canadian invasion was not such a far-fetched idea after all.

A “bug out bag” is a bag an individual packs ahead of time in preparation for the unexpected. If you have to leave town fast, you “Bug Out of town” and your bag is ready. I had a “Bugout Bag”…

Victoria Clarkson

I am not very smart, but I can make you laugh and cry. I am a writer

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